Epidavros is a historic city located on the northeastern side of Argolis. According to mythology, Asclepius, the god of medical was born, raised and lived there. His worship began in the 6th century BC. There lies the Asklepieion, a place built to honor the god which became the most famous area for the treatment of serious diseases in Ancient Greece. For the entertainment of the patients Polykleitos, a significant architect from Argos, constructed the famous theater of Epidaurus in 340 BC, which by the way is the most beautiful and well preserved ancient theater of all. It is made of porous stone and is famous of its excellent acoustics and aesthetics. The theater of Epidaurus has a capacity of 13,000 spectators. The Epidaurus Festival is held there every year. In its context many performances of Ancient Drama and concerts with Greek and foreign artists are taking place there.